There’s more to you than your logo. Is your brand working hard enough? Are you working your brand hard enough? Have you evolved faster than your brand? We work closely with clients through every step of the branding process, from market research to design, from branding guidelines to delivery. We safely handle the planning, strategic management and full execution of your project whether it’s the branding and positioning of a new company or service, or a complete brand refresh.

Brand Creation

We love giving birth to new brands. From creating the values and positioning that determine the right brand DNA to establishing the name, visual identity and tone of voice that give a brand its distinct and desired personality. We have brought many successful new brands.

Brand Strategy

A brand’s look and feel and tone of voice is as important as its identity. It’s something we excel in, through focused creative brand strategies that support the development of brand advertising and awareness across all communication channels, media and live events. Even if the brand identity is already ring-fenced, we’ll happily play within the boundaries. Developing a creative brand strategy that’s fit for purpose, up-to-date and distinctive is key to establishing all marketing communications.

Brand Guidelines

Creating guidelines is about getting the right balance of consistency with creativity. Whether it’s for internal departments, external agencies or business partners, we’re old hands at putting new guidelines together – in print or digitally interactive.

Rebranding and Refreshing

What’s the difference? A refresh keeps the existing name while a rebrand changes or radically alters it. Evolution or revolution, re-awakening tired brands – without clients losing sleep over brand integrity – gets us leaping out of bed in the morning. It can often mean the step-up from good to great in the lifecycle of a business

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